Metal Pressing

Our metal pressing plant operates 30 metal presses from 10 to 400 tonne, which offer the capacity for small (hand tool strip) medium (pick & place metal presswork) through to full high volume production (multi stage coil fed metal pressings) and working with a host of materials from steels including stainless plus brass, copper, phos bronze and aluminium.

Automated Coil Fed Production

We run high volume metal presswork production through automated coil fed machines running multiple shifts when required to achieve large batch production quickly.

Strip Fed Production

We use Strip fed production when this gives us the greatest level of efficiency for the volumes required.

Single Stage Pick & Place Metal Pressing

Single stage secondary operations can be carried out by our machine operators for large components not suited to progressive or auto lines or where immediate quality control and inspection is desirable.

Deep Drawing

We manufacture deep drawing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials up to a depth of 100mm.

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